More Hospital car parking not a trade off for health services

Labour Tukituki candidate Anna Lorck says getting more car parks at Hawke’s Bay hospital can not become a trade off for health services. - Press Release July 18 2016.


Ms Lorck said she supports a regional approach to dealing with the car-parking problems but the responsibility lies with the Government.

“I would be very concerned if there is any attempt to make this about sacrificing our health budget to get car parks – one is operational, the other is a capital expense.   

“Getting more car parking so that people can use and visit the hospital is about providing the core infrastructure needed to access health services. 

“Any attempt to try and make this about a trade off on whether people want more hips or knee operations or car parks is wrong – it is not one at the expense of the other.   

“Trying to find a park at the hospital can take up to half an hour, we are hearing stories of people missing or cancelling appointments.  It is obvious the status quo can’t continue and while plans to encouraging staff to bike and walk to work may help allay the issue, I think it’s going to take more to fix it. 

“I would be interested in finding out more on whether a car park for staff infront of the old nurses’ home is feasible. 

“As part of the region-wide approach we also need to look at the public transport service, whether this is satisfactory and how this can be improved,” Ms Lorck said.