Secure Havelock North's water supply - Anna Lorck

ALL options needed for securing Havelock North’s water supply

Labour Tukituki candidate Anna Lorck is calling for an investigation into securing Havelock North’s town water supply as part of the $20 million Whakatu arterial route project.

It is prudent that we look at all options and this could well be worth it.  We have already been told it’s going to cost residents at least six to 10 million dollars to fix the water infrastructure crisis so we must make sure we come up with right solution that provides security of a safe drinking water supply and returns full confidence to the community.

 I think we need to know if we should be taking advantage of the $20 million Whakatu Arterial Project which is already doing the ground work and make it an integral part of securing a new water supply for Havelock North?

Why not look at the feasibility of putting a water pipe in at the same as the roading infrastructure is being dug which is already being paid for and starts in Havelock North and goes to Whakatu. 

Who knows, it may well turn out to be the best future- proofing solution. We might even save Hastings residents money in the long run.

We need to know if we are gambling too much on Bore 3?  It might well be the best quick fix solution for now, but for how long The bore draws water from a questionable source whereas the aquifer under Hastings is pure and plentiful.

We have so much water in Whakatu that we are giving billions of litres away for free for water bottling - so I think we should certainly look at it for people who live in Havelock North.

I think those in power owe it to the Hastings and Havelock North communities to put all options out there - it’s our money they are spending, we cannot afford to make the wrong decision, which then ends up costing us again in the long run.

 We certainly wouldn’t want to look back and say in hindsight we should have put in a new Havelock North water supply when we did the Whakatu Arterial Route.

At least no one can turn around and say why didn’t we think of it at the time.