Auckland follows Hastings to be GM FREE

Way to Go Auckland supporting GM FREE and following us in Hastings, Hawke's Bay.

In Tukituki we are a big supporter of growing GM Free and our Hastings District is leading the way to be the first GM Free zone in New Zealand.



Our Hawke’s Bay GM Free campaign took another step forward today with the Auckland Plan Hearings Panel recommending the adoption of similar GMO Free rules to Hastings Council.
The panel's recommendations, released yesterday would protect the Auckland region's GM Free status by prohibiting releases of GMOs.
In May last year, backed by leading Hawke's Bay food producers, Hastings District Council became the first in New Zealand to secure the territory's GMO free food producer status under its district plan. Now Auckland is set to follow suit.
Pure Hawke’s Bay, a group representing food producers and exporters says the Auckland decision further confirms the robustness of the policy Hastings District Council has adopted.
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