Anna Lorck selected for Labour Tukituki - Campaign ALL Go

Hawke’s Bay business woman Anna Lorck has been selected to stand for Labour in the Tukituki electorate in the 2017 general election. 

Labour Tukituki chairman Chris Richardson said Anna’s got so much passion for regional New Zealand and her forward thinking leadership, huge commitment and energy sets her apart.

“This is a very exciting time for Labour as we work to change the Government and elect a new local MP for Tukituki,” Mr Richardson said.

Ms Lorck said early selection gives her the time to understand more about the issues impacting people in the community. “I’m a firm believer that before you can ask people to support you, you need to make every effort to meet and talk with them. 

“I will be giving my all to the people of Tukituki to earn their support, their trust, their confidence and the privilege to represent them as their local Member of Parliament. 

Local issues are at the very heart of Labour Tukituki, said Ms Lorck. “We are already on the case for more community policing and driving for change to drivers licenses, standing up for Havelock North’s promised primary school, protecting Hastings right to be GM Free, providing certainty of seasonal labour for our apple growers, and we back more Fish in the Bay. 

“Every one of these local issues feeds back to a failure on this Government.

“Look at a basic life skill of a drivers license, this is now the greatest roadblock to work in our region and sets us on a collision course facing a $20 million social and economic challenge for Hawke’s Bay. 

“The greatest opportunity to grow jobs is in our booming apple industry, but not if we leave $50 million apples to rot on the trees. We must provide certainty of seasonal labour for our growers. 

“And our region needs to win - not lose out to Auckland. 

“Labour is the party of the regions.  We need to partner with a regional plan to support migrating more business into Tukituki so people want to invest in living and working here to grow more jobs for locals and help build stronger communities.”